Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Calling all superheroes, secret agents and space cadets! Join us as we part the Iron Curtain for a one-night celebration of neo-constructivist design, agit-pop fashion, and over the wall performance.

East meets West in an atomic blast of Cold War chic, space-age hysteria and paramilitary excess as Melbourne's newest late-night hideout is invaded by the political party of the year.

Hear: late 70s Neurodisko, East German gogo, Avant-space rock, All-American garage pop and Cold-War soundscapes by Sam Wareing and DJs Ms Emma Peel, Hannah Fox and Master Bedroom

See: Costume and concept by FAD Productions, Set and performance design by Supple Fox featuring Sveta Dobranoch and her vodka swilling cheersquad, Marawa the Amazing on batons, Russian Goldiloks, the White Rose Resistance and other surprises too good to tell!

Dress: Choose your camp and be ready to cheer as Mother Russia and Uncle Sam come head to head in a performance-off of nuclear proportions, or sit on the fence - while it lasts.

Tix $20 through http://www.flashfaction.org/

Design Festival: http://www.stateofdesign.com.au/events/design-for-everyone/flash-faction/#e309

Berlin Bar: http://www.berlinbar.com.au/

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