Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Photos from Gorelesque

Last Friday night Noise bar was over run with vampires, zombies and gimps... and that was before the shows started!
Was fantastic to see so many people get dressed up and the place was pretty darn packed!
Backstage was a riot on slime and blood as some amazingly gory and inventive routines were showcased... take a peek!
Miss Nic treated us to a vampiric version on the old martini glass number, bathing in a coffin filled with blood and instead of the requisite olive sponge scooped and splashed with a charming severed head.
Our charming hosts entertained as Vesper White took to the stage in my personal favourite of her routines, "Octopussy". Vesper has such a huge stage presence its impossible to tear your eyes away as she shimmies the house down!
Samantha Diamond treated us to a zombie school girl routine, the statuesque beauty let her hair down to wild roars from the crowd...
New comer Jasper Jewel drew gasps as a blood-soaked and forlorn soon to be widow...
I was carried on stage wrapped in Gladwrap and dripping wet by two lovely gentlemen. Slowly un-winding from the plastic wrap and drizzling slime I debut my very first "horror routine! what fun!
Velma Valentine drew howls from the audience with her Voodoo Wild Woman dance, never did leopard print look so good!
Miss Nic returned to the stage in "Miss Druscilla Monte'Carlo" and Vesper White capped of the shows with "Little Bo Wolf"
It was a great night and congratulations to Miss Nic and Vesper White on their first ever production, a Gorey time was had by all!

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