Sunday, June 20, 2010

For the love of tassels...

One aspect of being a burlesque performer that makes me a very happy gal and feeds my creativity is the constant costuming that takes place... lusting for crystals rhinestones and silk trims, scanning op-shops for jeweled brooches to make a perfect centrepiece on a bralette... It all pays off when you get to pull together something breath-taking and take that first step onstage to debut your newest creation!

I like to create most of my costumes from top to toe, meaning everything from hand sewn corsets to painstaking beading is lovingly tended to and more often than not sends me into fits of frustration working out new patterns and un-picking miles of dodgy starts.

So yes, it can be a love/hate affair at times pulling a whole ensemble together, but the one thing I always adore without fail is making the nipple tassels! An experienced pastie-maker should be able to knock up a pair of beauties whilst watching a good movie on the couch with a big pot of tea and some cake.

When making a new costume I always leave the tassels as the last thing, they should be the icing on the costume-cake! The cherries on top!

There are endless methods of tassel making, and I use lots of different ones, infact I doubt that any of them are the same come to think of it!
For example, for good spinners you need a very stiff base with a high peak so they can twirl for days, or sometime a soft backing is good as I find it is much easier to make them stay stuck. between you and me, in a rush to get a pair done at the last minute I once used cardboard from a box of oatmeal... The burlesque dancer is a industrious breed...

Anyway, I thought I would share some of my handy-work and also some lovely ones that I have stumbled across!

Made for Melbourne Burlesquer, Cat of Nine Tails for her debut performance at the ABF's Baby Bombshells!

Made for the lovely Laura

A selection of well-loved Rosy Rabbits!

Some of L'amours to-die-for numbers

Etsy love! Autumn Luciano creations-so cute!!! see them here
These little fellows blow my mind a little... I really admire the intricate folding, this would take a lot of patience and practice! There are some amazing other silken origami creations at ClytemnestrasCloset ... Sigh...

Desert anyone?!?
Charlotte Harlot has some of the cutest pasties I have ever seen, including mini cowboy hats and poker face pasties!

So there you have it... the joy of nipple tassel and pastie making! 
I hope I have inspired you to get out some pretty sequins and hack up a box of cereal to create something from vixen to siren to sweet as Cherry pie!... and on that note.... 

Sweet dreams, I'm off to bed... 

xx RR

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