Friday, August 20, 2010


This little post is about BIG hair.

...And how much I am digging it at the moment! Especially beehives and other sky-high up dos...

My little obsession has come from my divinely hot mama friend L'amour and her incredible bouffant styles she always has going on, what a bombshell! How could anyone resist wanting to look like this amazing woman!
This first pic is of her pre-baby and the second one with her most beautiful and delightful little family!

What a total babe! Gah!!!

I think it would be criminal to has a blog post on big hair without an honorable mention of the heart-meltingly sexy Brigitte Bardot... this photo makes me weak at the knees I tell you...

I also must feature to honey-voiced Dusty Springfield and her equally honey toned and impressive 'do.

 Another songstress with immaculate hair, Mary Wells... what a beauty... sigh...


An Alexander McQueen catwalk creation channelling Elizabethan glamour...


No wonder Marie Antoinette was always smiling, she had AWESOME HAIR!

Some unknown, but nonetheless deluxe hairdos! I particularly love love love number 2, this is what I want to look like!! weeeeee!!!

This is me, today... hurrah!


And now for something to give you a cackle... Someone I loath almost as much as Delta Goodrem... don't ask why, just giggle... x


Do you love big hair? what 'do are you rocking at the moment? Do tell!

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