Thursday, August 19, 2010


Following on from last years brilliant sold out first edition, the highly anticipated Gorelesque II promised to be everything and more than its predecessor!

The crowd was dressed to the nines and the drinks were to die for! All the freaks and creeps where out on patrol and ready to feed on the bloody, gorey mess of hotness that ensued!

Thank you to the wonderful brains and beauty of Vesper White and Miss Nic for putting the show together!

A few weeks prior to the night we had all risen early on a Sunday morning (the horror!) to film what was masterfully turned into the opening sequence to 2010's production of Gorelesque II. Written by Vesper White, Directed by Nick Turner and Vesper White, Editing by Nick Turner, Film Assistant Patrick Waring.

Gorelesque II Opening Video from Gorelesque on Vimeo.

As the show was a complete sell-out there where many of you who missed out, so here is a little teaser... keep your eyes out for an encore show in the next couple of months!

Thanks to the ever-talented and cheery photographer Angela Mcconnell, you can see more of her amazing work here. Really, go have a look, she is amazing!

Now... the evidence...

Vesper White

Betty Blood

Rosy Rabbit

Foxtrot India

Rod Lara


La Viola Vixen

Anton De Lorde and Madame Natalia

Miss Nic

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