Monday, September 6, 2010

Interviews and whatnot.

The other day I was talking with miss Amy Duncan of Chapel Tattoo about the angst that goes along with being interviewed.

You really never quite know how you are going to come across in written word, even with blogging I forget sometimes that I'm not really allowed to use sarcasm due to the lack of inflection! (sarcasm is one of my favourite things, though best used in spoken conversation with someone else who appreciates it)

Any way, a few months back I was interviewed for the Red Bennies website, if you would like to read it, you can here.

Speaking of interviews, blogs and Amy if you get a chance to pop over to Amy's blog Pennywhistles and Moonpies you really aught to because she has lots of wise and interesting things to say and share, you can even read an interview with her!

Amy is a very talented tattooist and I am very lucky to be having a piece done by her at the moment (though I am somewhat of a wimp so can only go a few hours at a time) we have great conversations too, which I almost look forward to as much as getting pretty art from her!


ps here is an editorial piece for which I was interviewed around the Australian Burlesque Festival in June this year.

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