Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sydney here I come...

This morning I am getting ready to go to Sydney, and as usual have left my packing to the last minute! And this packing will be no easy task considering I have 3 costumes to bring (one of which is an oversized stuffed lobster) as well as a weeks worth of clothing!

I am super excited to be going on this trip, its rare that I have more than a day there if I go up for a show but because I will be there for a week I will have plenty of time for some long overdue catch-ups with dear friends from when I lived there.

I am also very pleased that it will be warm up there! Melbourne winter has been dragging its miserable feet and I am craving some sunshine, It is supposed to be Spring after all!

Anyhoo, if you are in Sydney and would like to pop along to one of the fantastic shows Noir Revue or Underwater Love (or both!) don't forget to get your tickets early, I would love to see everyone there!


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