Saturday, January 14, 2012

A return to costuming

As I have had a longish pause in designing I have been itching to get my hands busy with some new ideas, one of which has been bubbling away for quite some time, and that is my brand new act, "Teach Me Tiger" I will be showing this to you very soon!
It was so much fun to get the design brain switched back on and lovingly stich this crazy idea into life so I really am looking forward to sharing, it is also the most fun I have had with an act in a long time!

I am also very excited to be starting a new project for my fellow performer and friend, Evie Red, who will be getting a very elegant showgirl ensemble. It will be such a treat to have her wearing something of mine as she is just gorgeous and definitely an up-and-coming talent to keep your eyes on!

In the meantime I thought I would post some beautiful and fierce costume inspiration I have been collecting...

*Please excuse my lack of credits, I tend to click and save images without checking, oh dear!

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